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Ellanstone was founded and established on the Isle of Man and has its roots there. We support the Island in many ways as we can.

The Isle of Man actively encourages businesses and people to locate there and with its 'can do' attitude the Government provides a number of support and grant programmes to those who wish to establish themselves on the Island.


Laurence Skelly, Minister for the Department for Enterprise says:

“The success of Island businesses is fundamental to the mission of the Department for Enterprise. The Programme for Government makes a clear commitment to maintaining an “Enterprise and Opportunity Island” where local entrepreneurship is supported and thriving and more new businesses are choosing to call the Isle of Man home. As a Department we are integral in moving this forward.

As we continue to forge an environment that allows businesses to thrive and flourish, the Government will work tirelessly to provide funding and support to support local businesses at all stages of growth while working to attract new enterprise and jobs to our Island”  

These are some of the ways that your business can get help from Government – 

  • Micro Business Grant Scheme

  • Small Business Grant Scheme

  • Business Support Scheme

  • Vocational Training Assistance

  • Green Business Loans

  • Staff Development Scheme

  • Financial Assistance Scheme

  • Enterprise Development Scheme for Debt and Equity Finance

  • Telecoms Connection Voucher

The Isle of Man has a strong infrastructure and is very advanced technologically with secure fibre connectivity and large data storage facilities. Although small in size it has great international reach with long established relationships in many overseas jurisdictions.

The Island has been described as a “safe, fun environment” for kids to grow up in. It boasts first class education and health facilities along with lots of fresh air, open space and wonderful beaches!

The attitude towards both business and lifestyle is 'The Isle of Man – where you can'.


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