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We are Business Improvement Specialists


We believe that by helping people, people help themselves


We connect people, ideas and technologies to improve business performance

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Our goal is your success.


We help you identify and action key elements of your business to become more effective, bring a wealth of experience, knowledge and skills from a multitude of industry sectors.

We challenge you, question your assumptions, and accept nothing as given, as well as identify opportunities for business growth. Our people centric approach means that we offer support for as long as you need.

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What we do


Our dedicated team offer a host of solutions bespoke to your needs, each of our team have both the experience and expertise to create the right solution for you and your business.

Business Meeting





 IT & Technical services support 


 Governance & Corporate 



 Promotion & marketing 


Our Process:

  1. Identification though workshops or meetings. 

    1. Who are you?

    2. What do you do?

    3. Where do you want to go?

  2. Proposal giving a tailored solution for each client based on their own requirements.

  3. Work with the client if required to support them on the journey.

How we do it

Our experts take you on a journey, rest assured you are in safe hands.

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Prosper, Manx Style.

We help businesses that are considering a relocation to the Isle of Man to make a fully informed decision on whether to do so.


We offer an escorted visit to the Island, during which we arrange meetings with key people and organisations that will provide detailed information for you to consider. We provide you with a full report on the visit with additional information.

Our Discovery Packages

Chess Pieces

Strategic Workshop

A new and challenging method to discover how to you can build a better business.


We take you on an adventure where you will learn different ways to approach the issues you are facing. We will deliver practical results for vision, strategy, planning, and actions going forward.


Eco-fficient Workshop

We help you to see where ESG fits into your business and where it could be applied.

We show how ESG can be central to improving the all-round performance of the business. It is a practical workshop covering all aspects of the operation.

Using Mobile Phones

Innovation Deep Dive

We will take a detailed look at where innovation currently exists within your business.


We will help you to bring in more innovation with new technologies. We will show you how innovation can cost-effectively improve the all-round performance of the business.

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Hub connected Eco-System.


We are creating an eco-system of diverse businesses to help them collaborate, leverage connections, and innovate for growth.

We will bring together an office site in which a community can develop using the latest technologies that will fuse the physical world with the digital world in a single self-supporting system.

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Isle of Man
Innovator Visa Funding Service

We help businesses to obtain investment funding through a Government programme unique to the Isle of Man.


Businesses in the Isle of Man or those considering locating to the Isle of Man can apply to join the programme which matches the Overseas  investors with businesses seeking funding. The applicant business can be established or start-up.

We will Help you to:


  • Write a short business summary

  • Produce an investment proposal deck

  • Build a business plan with financials

  • Complete the relevant application documentation

  • Meet the agency that will find your investor

  • We will guide you through the whole process

BITA Logo JPEG.jpg
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