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Communication Products



Directors and senior managers can receive personal weekly or monthly automated emails with detailed news, information and insights on customers, competitors and prospects. 




Ask subscribers to your newsletter what information they would like to receive. FlipRSS then automates these choices in multiple RSS feeds that go to each person. 

FlipRSS integrates with Mailchimp & Campaign Monitor for the ultimate newsletter experience.




Online software that changes monologue communication to multiple collaborative channels for inspiring ideas and conversations. Slidecraft communications software creates a richer dialogue between you and your audience whether that’s one person or a crowd. 

You create value of experience and contact far beyond a like or a share. 


One Slide Business Plan and One Slide Investment Pitch


Get all the relevant information for a business plan or investment note onto one interactive slide. Relevant decision-making information is seen at a stroke. The viewer can choose which part they are interested in and then just click on that area for more detail.

You can include video, animation and much more.

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