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Investment and Finance Readiness

Some businesses are investment ready and some aren’t, but can be. Some never will be despite what the owners believe. This engagement is designed to find out which one of these your business is.


We’ll conduct a review and evaluation of your business proposition, its model and plan. For a first remote look at this, we won’t charge so you’ll know pretty quickly if we think you can make it.


If we think your business has the possibility of raising investment or finance, we’ll dissect it more formally and come up with an agreed set of actions to move it to investment readiness. This may take a lot of work or hardly any at all.


Generally, the process goes like this:


  • One day exploration, evaluation and critique of your existing business and its attendant numbers and collateral

  • Produce a detailed plan for any changes to the current model and execute the measures required to make it ready

  • Create our unique 'One Slide Investment/Finance Pitch' This product replaces the traditional 'Deck'

  • Look at alternative funding sources to minimise dilution

Where appropriate make introductions to sources of investment and funding 

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