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Bespoke 'Hands On' Assignments

Ellanstone provides bespoke assignments for your business when you need to get things done – whether that’s a swift resolution to a problem or the implementation of a particular project.


We believe that the really effective way we can help is to be actively involved in the day-to-day of the business for the period of an assignment. That’s why we play a 'hands on' role and become part of your team. In this way, we carry the same values and bring the same commitment as your own people.


The detail and timescale for each engagement will be defined by what you need to be done. If required, we can help you with that definition and produce a plan for execution but if not we can be with you in any capacity for however long you need us.


We can carry out an assignment on a one to one basis or have more members of the Ellanstone team join you. We will all happily roll up our sleeves and get our 'hands dirty' to make sure things happen and you get the results you want.


Generally speaking, assignments, both short and long, will be to improve some agreed business performance activities. These often include:


  • Increasing sales and margins

  • Finding new and exciting marketing initiatives

  • Improving operational and production efficiencies

  • Making technology perform better

  • Driving down costs and overheads

  • Introducing partners and collaborators

  • Developing networks and connections


In all our 'hands on' assignments, the Ellanstone team will work closely with you and your business as part of your management team. We will also recruit outside special expertise from our network if, and when, required. 


As with our 'Walk the Dog', we will question and challenge and make sure you are accountable for taking and controlling the actions needed for a successful outcome.

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