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3to5 Club - Where could your business be in just 3to5 years?

Would you like to be running your business instead of it running you?

Would you like your business to make you money when you’re not there?

Do you know HOW to get to that position?

Do you know WHAT to do to get there?


Who should attend an 3to5 Club?

Any ambitious owner of a small or medium-sized business. You can be in any sector as a sole entrepreneur or an employer with staff.


What is 3to5 Club?


3to5 Club is a business community of groups of serious business owners and entrepreneurs. Each club is local and has up to 20 members who are committed to growing their businesses to maturity in 3 to 5 years and to help others, like you, do the same.


3to 5 Club will enable you to establish strategic alliances to grow revenues in less time and build a network to develop your business. We will provide the tools to get you off the treadmill, fulfil your goals and take your business to your defined state of maturity.


Our approach is structured yet informal. We are helpful, friendly and passionate about business. We believe in action, responsibility and accountability. And we have fun along the way! 


Come along and find out how 3to5 Club can help you to enjoy owning a business that serves you.

Contact 07875 008159 

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